VentureShield™ - Paint Protection System

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VentureShield™ stone chip protection film is the toughest on the market.  It doesn’t yellow, crack or peel and remains virtually invisible.  Twice as resistant as the leading competitor, it comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty when applied to a vehicle.

Here at 3D FilmPro, we also use this product for the protection of special metal surfaces and other high end finishes requiring resilient protection.

Allowing you to keep your vehicle in show room condition year after year, VentureShield, is not only tough but it adds gloss to your paint job, enhancing as well as protecting the surface beneath.

It is an excellent option for hot rods and classic cars as well as brand new, middle of the road or simply precious to you, whatever it is...

Typical Uses

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  • Stone chip protection
  • Burn out protection kits
  • Metal protection
  • Cars, trucks & trailers
  • Mountain & racing bikes
  • Motorbikes - on and off road
  • Horse floats
  • Transporters
  • All boat types - fishing to cruising