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3D FilmPro is the Goulburn Valley’s only authorised dealer and installer of Rhino Linings’ sprayable, polyurethane, polyurea & hybrid coatings & linings.

With industrial, automotive and flooring products, you can PREVENT rust, corrosion, impact & surface abrasion to keep your investment looking and performing its best.

ProductWhat it does
RhinoLinings™ TUFF STUFF Spray applied polyurethane protects against rust, corrosion, impact and surface abrasion
RhinoGuard Range Spray applied impact, corrosion, abrasion protection
Rhino Hi-Chem Spray applied chemical attack protection, resistant lining for primary and secondary containment.
Rhino Polyurea Range High performance specialist linings for impact, abrasion and corrosion
REXAR Range Specialist Military Formulation for blast mitigation, self sealing fuel and water containment.
ArmaFloor 500 Roll on/paint/spray-on flooring system for impact, abrasion, UV and chemical resistance

With 1500 dealers operating in 65 countries, Rhino Linings know how and products are proven in the most demanding environments and applications including war-zones where Rhino Linings are used to protect defence force vehicles and equipment – and the lives of personnel.

Typical uses

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  • Ute liners
  • Truck bed liners
  • Farm machinery
  • Industrial flooring
  • Water storage
  • Containment
  • Waterproofing
  • Military applications
  • Industrial machinery
  • Boat hulls
  • 4WD vehicles