Industrial & Commercial

Spraying tankSuper tough protection for Industry & Agriculture

We don’t just protect the shiny and the glamorous, we like to offer a shield for all surfaces, whatever they are...the heavy industrial category is no exception.

With heavy duty applications and usage, comes heavy duty wear and tear! Rhino Linings, 2pac paints & highly resistant over laminates all have their benefits when trying to protect both machinery, floors and equipment.

Protect, Shield, Defend against...

  • Chemical attack
  • Surface abrasion
  • High noise levels
  • Accidents – non-slip
  • Surface degradation
  • Corrosion
  • Impact
  • Water
  • Rust

3D FilmPro offer heavy duty, high resistance protective solutions for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

Check out the list below or contact us to discuss your project further.

  • Water & chemical containment
  • Light & heavy machinery
  • Storage facilities/tanks
  • Industrial flooring
  • Farm machinery
  • Industrial Sheds
  • Spray booths
  • Water tanks
  • Paint sheds

Industrial before after

Pre-fabrication protection for range of substrates

Bring your panels, sheets or flat surface items to 3D FilmPro and we will protect it before you fabricate with it.

We over laminate sheets of raw material, destined for fabrication use, ensuring they are fully protected from scratches, fingerprints and general marks before, during and after the fabrication process.

This solution is ideal for glass, timber, stainless steel and other sheet metal, which can be particularly susceptible to marks and stains.

However, different substrates and protective over laminates can each be exposed to different fabrication techniques, each one offering varied resistance levels.  So, it is vital that you discuss your intended material use with us first.

Contact us to discuss your requirements further, we are always happy to explore solutions for your specific project.


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