Create, renovate & protect your personal space

3D Film Pro solutions help you create then protect surfaces and finishes around the home.

Talk to us about our...

Custom made protected

Wall tiles, wall panels, floor tiles, screens

Whether you need to...

  • Improve/replace what’s already there
  • Build something new
  • Protect something valuable
  • Enhance the natural surface

3D FilmPro can offer a solution...

Our range of transparent over laminates, architectural finish films and 2pac & special paints provides endless possibilities for the most creative of projects.

Surface protection kitchen
  • Doors
  • Tables
  • Wet areas
  • Wall panels
  • Benchtops & Kitchens
  • Stainless Steel – anything
  • Decorative, floor and wall tiles
  • Skirting boards/picture rails
  • Indoor/Outdoor furniture
  • Picture Frames
  • Appliances
  • Cupboards

Use of highly resistant, protective over laminates in the home means less maintenance and the increased use of chemical free cleaners – especially with stainless steel.  Imagine, retaining the finish without all those fingerprints to be cleaned off!

Transparent over laminates are also great for the prevention of tarnishing and oxidisation of metal surfaces.  Essentially freezing in time the surface beneath...

Check out our fabrication & installation services to find out more about how you could use the eco-friendly building substrate MultiPanel and other materials in your home.

If you already know what you are after, great, but if not simply bring your ideas, drawings or concept to us and we’d be happy to make some suggestions...

Contact us to discuss suitable solutions for you.