Fabrication, Finishing &
Surface Protection Solutions

3D FilmPro offer a range of products and services for your Fabrication, Finishing & Surface Protection needs - focused on creating quality...that lasts!

Made to last

Working across 5 key sectors, we seek to provide premium solutions, adapting a can-do attitude – our motto “we’ll give it a go” – holds us in good stead with individuals and businesses alike.


With extensive architectural and commercial building experience  - there's not much we can’t make...

3D FilmPro works with;

  • All Metals
  • Timbers
  • Glass
  • Plastics/Perspex
  • MultiPanel
  • Aluminium Composite Panel

Send us your drawings and we’ll send you a quote along with fabrication advice and even recommend substrates, fixings and any other areas that you need clarification on.

Finishing & Surface Protection

3D FilmPro uses only the best over laminate films, polyurethane coatings/linings and 2pac paints to finish then protect and perfect your investment beneath.

In-house we work with the revolutionary new building substrate, Multi Panel, enjoying the role of preferred Fabricators & Finishers – check out some of our work

Whatever you want to achieve, our goal is to create it, perfect it and then protect it, so it lasts and lasts...

Made to last

Our preferred solutions include;

  • Rhino Linings range of spray on coatings and linings
  • VentureShield paint protection system
  • Amarind Veneers
  • Laminex
  • 3M DI-NOC Architectural Finishes
  • DNA special effect paints
  • Solar, Security & Safety Films
  • 3M, Avery & MetaMark decorative finishing films
  • Baslac/PPG automotive paints

Our broad range of solutions allows us to work with many surfaces...

  • metal
  • timber
  • glass
  • concrete
  • stone
  • plastic
  • anodised
  • painted

And offer a wide variety of finishes...

  • clear | transparent
  • gloss | matt | lustre
  • stippled | patterned | coloured
  • opaque | pearl | metallic
  • textured

Premium Products & Partners

With premium products and partners such as Multi Panel, Rhino Linings, VentureShield, 3M, Avery, Baslac, DNA, the highest quality job is guaranteed.

Add to this... a meticulous approach + can-do attitude + skilled staff = the result you want.

Find out if any of our solutions might meet your needs;